Identifying Conserved Human RNA Structures Using RNAz-LocARNA-RNAz Analysis Pipeline

2019 May 22

I’ve just submitted my first conference paper to 10th ACM Conference on Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Health Informatics (ACM-BCB 2019): Identifying Conserved Human RNA Structures Using RNAz-LocARNA-RNAz Analysis Pipeline, co-authored with Hosna Jabbari. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Abstract: Identification of conserved RNA structures is of great importance in establishing causes of and potential therapeutic targets for genetic diseases. It has been estimated that over half of human genetic disease is due to alternative or disrupted RNA splicing, possibly caused by interrupted/damaged common structural functional motifs. ... Read more …

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Bioinformatics Pipeline Presentation

2019 April 26

This coming Wednesday, I’ll be giving this presentation to Prof Jabbari’s bioinformatics algorithms class.

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Summer Project

2018 May 6

Among all the other things I have on my plate, this summer I’ll be coding a simulator for a combinatorial architecture proposed back in 1998 by Berkovitch and Berkovitch. Their paper “presents a new principle for microprocessor design based on a pairwise-balanced combinatorial arrangement of processing and memory elements.” This was suggested to me by Prof Alan Ling. Just an exercise at this point. Should be fun. ;) [1] E. Berkovitch and S. ... Read more …

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Art Spiegelman: How Not To Position a Lavalier Mic

2017 October 19

Art Spiegelman is speaking at UVM right now. What is the subject of his talk? Something about comics and graphic novels, I gather, but beyond that I could not say. An acute listener could, however, ascertain a great deal regarding the resonant frequencies of Mr Spiegelman’s chest cavity. A badly positioned microphone and inept sound reinforcement meant that only the lower frequencies emanating from Mr Spiegelman’s general vicinity were amplified. ... Read more …

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Cook Demolition

2017 August 29

Cook is coming down!

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Quantitative Reasoning

2017 May 5

UVM adds quantitative reasoning requirement for general education. Good move. Memo: Approval of a proposal for a University-wide General Education requirement in Quantitative Reasoning

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Ramsey Theory

2017 May 1

Giving a presentation on Ramsey Theory today. Wish me luck!

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Chalk Fairies Are Real!

2017 April 17

Earlier this AM I saw a chalk fairy—a real bona fide, honest-to-goodness chalk fairy. He was extremely diminutive and looked to be about 100 years old. Sighting occurred in Votey.

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LaTeX Styles for Fitch

2017 April 15

If you’re studying logic at UVM, and if you’re interested in creating Fitch-style proofs in LaTex, and if you want them to look like the proofs that are presented in Language, Proof, and Logic (2011; Barker-Plummer, Barwise, and Etchemendy; CSLI Publications, Stanford, CA), then this fork of Peter Selinger’s LaTeX macros for Fitch style natural deduction is for you! https://github.com/cbcafiero/fitchsty Selinger is Professor of Mathematics at Dalhousie University. His website is http://www. ... Read more …

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My Valentine's Day Message To Gary Derr

2017 February 14

via email Dear Mr. Derr: I usually read your email messages with great gusto. However, your most recent Announcement and Events excludes an item of such importance that it must be reported – it cannot be swept under the rug! Of course, I am referring the results of the recent poll conducted on MyUVM where students indicated, by an overwhelming majority of 95%, that you – yes, YOU – were the thing they most loved about UVM. ... Read more …

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