About me

Some Stuff I Do (or Have Done)

I am a computer scientist, software developer, and tinkerer. My interests include graph theory and networks, algorithms, combinatorial theory, machine learning, and theory of computation, which is too much for one person!

I have, over the years, written a lot of code outside of academia, primarily for clients in equity research. This work includes a SaaS platform for publishing, compliance tracking, and distribution of equity research; building tools for data mining and analytics; and other little goodies.

With regard to the practice of software development, you will find me a vocal proponent of test-driven development*, reading documentation, and being very nosy about library source code.

I have been known to dabble in painting and music. When I have a little spare time, I enjoy constructing gadgets with Raspberry Pi and Arduino.



Should you wish to contact me, I’d be happy to hear from you. I don’t share my email address here because ‘bots can be a nuisance. However, any human with the least amount of ingenuity should be able to figure out my email address without much fuss.

* One disagrees with the redoubtable Edsger Dijkstra at one's peril, and he's rightly stated "Program testing can be used to show the presence of bugs, but never to show their absence!" Nevertheless, I've seen that TDD has caught many defects in practice, before they were deployed to production.