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It Pays For Everyone To Be Nice

2017 January 15

Resilient cooperators stabilize long-run cooperation in the finitely repeated Prisoner’s Dilemma

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Detroit Lions

2016 December 6

Seen about town today… Woman in her mid- to late-30s wearing a pinafore. Yes, a real, bonafide pinafore, over her dress. A homeless fellow, chanting “I’m going to be here a BIT. I’m going to be here a BIT. I’m going to be here a BIT.” A fellow wearing a Detroit Lions hat and a Detroit Lions jersey, with a Detroit Lions tattoo on his neck.

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Generator Presentation at IEEE Meeting

2016 December 2

Attended IEEE Green Mountain Sections awards ceremony and presentation by Lars Hasselblad Torres, of Burlington Generator. Torres gave a brief overview of Generator’s activities and expansion into their new space on Sears Lane (off Pine Street). For more information, visit the Burlington Generator’s website.

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A Musical Day

2016 October 1

Seen (and heard) about town today… I had to do a double-take while driving. At first, I was certain Tom Hulce was tailgating me in his Mozart wig. A fellow in a fishing hat and plaid backpack stumbled out of a store on College Street singing “La donna è mobile” from Rigoletto. A wizened old guy drove by on Winooski Street in a tan Prius. He was 80 if he was a day. ... Read more …

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Mavis and the Lottery

2016 September 21

Seen about town today… A three-year-old named “Mavis”. She almost ran over my foot with her tricycle. “Mavis” is one I haven’t heard in a while. A man with a radiant smile. He looked me straight in the eye, and threw the remains of a shredded scratch-off lottery ticket on the sidewalk.

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2016 September 12

Some professors are more-or-less normal. Some professors are peculiar. Some professors are more peculiar than others. Most times, peculiar is good. This is one of those times. I am learning a lot, so I am very happy. It is hard, hard work, and I am very happy.

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2016 August 21

At the farmer’s market in City Hall Park. Woman in crowd (60-ish, with NY accent): You smell like soy sauce. Me: I’m afraid you’re mistaken. You’re smelling the Tibetan momo stand over there. W: Oh, I suppose you’re right. Sorry. M: This place is a cacophony of smells, there’s maple-flavored everything, and sausages grilling—I even got a whiff of weed just a moment ago. W (suddenly lights up; looking around): Oh really? ... Read more …

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American Beauty

2016 August 17

Seen about town today… The plastic bag from American Beauty made a brief appearance on St Paul Street today, between Main and King. About 60 - 70 seconds.

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On the Road Again

2016 August 7

Seen about town today… A town cop, mercilessly tailgating in a 35 mph zone A dude straight from the Jersey shore, listening to happy house and twitching insanely ON EVERY BEAT A truck with a huge American flag and a bumper sticker reading “Does my flag offend you? Call 1-800-EAT-SH*T-AND-DIE” A young, scruffy-looking coyote, sauntering across the road with a vaguely bewildered look License plates: OMYGOLF and SNAPDRGN Four twentysomethings with a baby in the back seat, passing around what appeared to be an enormous cigar. ... Read more …

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A Proper Preamble

2016 July 29

A proper preamble: # This is my.cnf. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

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