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The Broken World

2021 June 16

Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world. All things break. And all things can be mended. Not with time, as they say, but with intention. So go. Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally. The broken world waits in darkness for the light that is you. — L. R. Knost

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The Illusion of Knowledge

2021 June 16

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge. — Stephen Hawking

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To Change One's Life

2021 June 16

To change one’s life: Start immediately Do it flamboyantly No exceptions — William James

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2021 June 16

Truth can never be told so as to be understood and not believed. — William Blake

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What Would Otherwise Be a Beautiful Spring Day

2021 April 9

Leaf blowers are a scourge. No philosophy – no ponerology – can be complete without providing an account of leaf blowers.

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Charlemagne's Monograph

2020 October 20

Say what you will about Charlemagne, but he had a fabulous sense of design. Here’s how he signed his name: Source: Wikipedia

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May 2020 Listening

2020 May 31

A few people asked: “What are you listening to while sheltering in place?” Here’s my response (in reverse chron). In case you’re wondering, for most selections I’m using an album shuffle program with Volumio. Sometimes I’ll ask the computer for another selection. Occasionally I’ll hand pick something. Mostly random. This is the result. ... Read more …

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Some Julia Sets

2020 May 31

Having taught CS 021 at UVM (Introduction to Programming), I thought that creating model project would be appropriate as an example. All students spend the last two weeks of the semester working on an individual or team project of their choosing. It also happens that I’ve been doing a little self-study in complex analysis. So as a model – to demonstrate a project of suitable complexity and scope – I created a little Julia set rendering program. ... Read more …

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Dijkstra Scores Again

2019 December 12

“As a slow-witted human being I have a very small head and I had better learn to live with it and to respect my limitations and give them full credit, rather than try to ignore them, for the latter vain effort will be punished by failure.” — Edsger W. Dijkstra, in Structured Programming (1972)

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Upon reading 'The economy needs agent-based modelling'

2019 November 11

A haiku, written after reading Farmer & Foley, The economy needs agent-based modelling (Nature, 460, 6 August 2009) as assigned by Laurent Hébert-Dufresne for CS/CSYS 302 Modeling Complex Systems. Decision, choice, whim — Who was it who decided We are rational? — For J.

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