It'll Cost Ya

2018-06-20 13:32:38 -0400  

Seen about town…

  • An orange bikini top in the middle of Main Street

  • An enormous stuffed octopus doll in a shop window – about 2 meters tall

  • A broken heart

Broken heart

  • …and this warning


Just Kidding. Gone to Wal-Mart

2018-05-06 13:32:38 -0400  

Not the best thing to see on a day with two final exams…

Just kidding

But just half a block away, the world was redeemed with this…

Cool bike

…and to all at Groovy-UV: GOOD LUCK on your finals!

Worms (and Flossing)

2018-04-30 15:32:38 -0400  

An encounter today…

Walking from campus to downtown, I see a group of young children and their caretaker outside the Y Annex. They are looking down at the sidewalk excitedly.

“What’s all the fuss? I ask.

A little girl runs up to me, grabs me by the hand, and tugs me over to where they are looking. “We found a worm!”

“Oohhh. Well. Let’s have a look.” They all point, and sure enough, there’s a worm right at the edge of the sidewalk. The worm is dead.

“What is it doing there?” they ask.

“Well, the worms dig down, down into the dirt. But when it rains, the water pours into their little tunnels and they can’t breathe, so they come up to the surface for air.”

“Ohhhh”, they exclaim in unison. “And why is he still here?”

I did not want to say the worm was dead. “I don’t think that worm is feeling well at all.”

Another child squealed “Here’s another. Here’s another.”

This one was alive on the sidewalk. “See?” I said, “This worm is trying to wriggle back to the lawn so it can burrow back down into the ground.”

“Ohhhh”, they exclaim in unison.

“That way he’ll be safe and he won’t get eaten.”

They are shocked. “Who will eat the worm?” they ask.

“Robin. Robin will eat the worm.”

“Robin who?”

I point up into the trees. “Robin the bird.”

“Ohhhh”, they exclaim in unison. One little boy chimes in “Can I help this worm get to the grass?”

“Sure” I say. “Pick him up very, very gently and put him on the lawn.” The little boy does just this.

“There. Now the worm can burrow down and escape.”

“The bird won’t eat it now?”

“Yes. You’ve rescued the worm!”

All the children like this idea – that they have rescued the worm.

We all said goodbye and I went on my way, but I’d have loved to have spent more time with them.

On a very different note: In a coffee shop, I observed an enormous human being, flossing her teeth with the string of her tea bag.

Spring Is In the Air

2018-03-26 14:02:38 -0400  

Seen and heard about town today…

  • The sound of birds returning – and skateboards.

  • A woman driving down Main Street with her elbows on the steering wheel, flossing her teeth.

  • A man with a prosthetic leg, walking a dog with three legs (none prosthetic).

  • Someone texting while driving, who drove over the curb, knocked down a street sign, and left their vehicle marooned on a snowbank, bottomed out, with all four wheels spinning in the air.

  • A sign advertising CBD-enhanced yoga.

Unclear On the Concept

2018-03-19 14:02:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

  • A old-timer with a walker and oxygen therapy tank and tubes, stopped to have a smoke. Call this “unclear on the concept”. I thought of 21 Grams.

  • A girl with a surgical mask to keep from spreading germs. Her mask was decorated with a dog nose and whiskers.

Life In Burlington

2017-11-13 14:02:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

Global Warning

My taking note of this little flypost coincided with the the publication of this warning by 15,364 scientist signatories from 184 countries. Serendipity, perhaps.


I try hard to see all sides, but I can’t help but feel that many actions of the current administration are truly mean-spirited, and not of the “help those who help themselves” or “cruel to be kind” variety. No doubt there are other explanations. #MAKA


In an alley, a quote by David Dellinger. If you haven’t heard of him, here’s an article on Wikipedia. When I read it, I learned he was a long-time Vermonter (though born in Massachusetts)—I hadn’t known this before.

Welcome to Burlington, VT!

Welcome Back, Kotter

2017-11-08 10:32:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

  • A dude on bicycle with boombox playing John Sebastian’s “Welcome Back” (the theme from “Welcome Back, Kotter”) at high volume.

  • A woman standing next to a parked car, screaming through the window at a baby in the back seat.

  • A fellow in a big SUV evincing considerable road rage when the car in front of him stopped for pedestrians in the crosswalk.

  • Woman in a ragtop with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. She wears a jaunty captain’s hat, with piping and embroidery. The car has a bumper sticker “Got Poi?”

Mewling, Spitting, Dogs, Doors, Lights, and Body Armor. Oh, and Socialism Sucks.

2017-10-27 10:32:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

  • A half-dozen or so young women, hugging and making mewling noises

  • A really cute puppy named “Suzie”

  • Folks in lift trucks putting up holiday lights on Church Street

  • A dog sitting on a cushion in the window of Burton’s downtown store, yawning

  • A red door, being painted black

  • Someone who’d cut little holes in their window screens—about 3 cm in diameter. They were sitting by the window, watching the world go by, and spitting onto the pavement below through one such hole.

  • A woman dressed in medieval motocross body armor, wearing a large baton on her belt like a sword. She looked as if she was prepared for battle with riot police.

  • A fellow wearing a button, styled after the blue “Bernie 2016” buttons, reading “Socialism SUCKS”

You Are Amazing!

2017-10-24 10:32:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

  • Near the Royall Tyler Theatre


  • Near College and Center, someone was trying to parallel park and failing miserably. They hit the curb with their car angled at about 45-degrees. I guess the dismay was visible on my face. Another passer-by noticed, saw the car, looked me in the eye and said “Yup. That’s ugly.”

  • A few blocks down on College there was a group of five women – one was giving a tour. “Vermont is a pretty dog-friendly place” she said as I was passing through their midst. “Woof” I said, and they all broke up laughing.

  • A fellow wearing a red ball clown nose.

  • A man and a woman heading across City Hall Park on the diagonal, using a swivel office chair to transport a pizza and several bags of groceries.

  • A man in a Led Zeppelin tee shirt, waiting for the bus, holding a metal detector.

  • …and this outside Votey Hall

i love fuckbois

Butthead, Chubbs, and the Cycle of Destruction and Renewal

2017-10-17 14:02:38 -0400  

Seen about town …

  • A note, dropped on the sidewalk, giving thanks to Butthead and Chubbs.


  • The continuing cycle of destruction and renewal at UVM.