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All models are wrong

2017 November 30

All models are wrong. Some models are useful. — George E.P. Box

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Building a Data Science Pipeline

2017 July 25

I attended Wolfram’s “Building a Data Science Pipeline” webinar today, presented by Abrita Chakravarty. Here’s the diagram of the pipeline presented. Pretty conventional. (Image copyright Wolfram Research) The primary example used was a simple recipe classification project: classifying list of ingredients in the pantry by cuisine type to determine which recipes might work with what is on hand. (Yes, a little forced, I know.) Chakravarty walked through importing data (in JSON format), doing a little tidying up, partitioning the data into training and testing sets, running a few iterations of training, testing, and interpreting results. ... Read more …

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Probability == 0

0001 January 1

I would think of it as a violation of my professional ethics to describe the probability of something as 0. — Yaron Minsky

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