Champlain Valley Mini Maker Faire

2017 September 9

We will attend the Champlain Valley Mini Maker Faire at Shelburne Farms, Sunday 24 September. See you there!

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Processing Community Day / MIT Media Lab

2017 September 8

I plan on attending. I’ll have room for two more in the car. Anyone from UVM interested? Processing Community Day 21 October 2017 MIT Media Lab 75 Amherst Street Cambridge, MA

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McCullen Pi and Arduino Show and Tell

2017 January 19

I had the pleasure today of attending Kevin McCullen’s IEEE-sponsored presentation of… well, honestly, gadgets, doodads and the fruits of his tinkering. The presentation was hosted by Global Foundries, in Essex, VT. Kevin is an assistant professor of computer science at SUNY Plattsburgh and long-time friend and associate of David Hathaway (who taught computer architecture / CS 222 when I took it at UVM). Kevin presented a number of projects he’s worked on in his spare time using Raspberry Pi and Arduino. ... Read more …

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