You Are Amazing!

2017 October 24

Seen about town today…

  • Near the Royall Tyler Theatre


  • Near College and Center, someone was trying to parallel park and failing miserably. They hit the curb with their car angled at about 45-degrees. I guess the dismay was visible on my face. Another passer-by noticed, saw the car, looked me in the eye and said “Yup. That’s ugly.”

  • A few blocks down on College there was a group of five women – one was giving a tour. “Vermont is a pretty dog-friendly place” she said as I was passing through their midst. “Woof” I said, and they all broke up laughing.

  • A fellow wearing a red ball clown nose.

  • A man and a woman heading across City Hall Park on the diagonal, using a swivel office chair to transport a pizza and several bags of groceries.

  • A man in a Led Zeppelin tee shirt, waiting for the bus, holding a metal detector.

  • …and this outside Votey Hall

i love fuckbois

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