Mewling, Spitting, Dogs, Doors, Lights, and Body Armor. Oh, and Socialism Sucks.

2017 October 27

Seen about town today…

  • A half-dozen or so young women, hugging and making mewling noises

  • A really cute puppy named “Suzie”

  • Folks in lift trucks putting up holiday lights on Church Street

  • A dog sitting on a cushion in the window of Burton’s downtown store, yawning

  • A red door, being painted black

  • Someone who’d cut little holes in their window screens—about 3 cm in diameter. They were sitting by the window, watching the world go by, and spitting onto the pavement below through one such hole.

  • A woman dressed in medieval motocross body armor, wearing a large baton on her belt like a sword. She looked as if she was prepared for battle with riot police.

  • A fellow wearing a button, styled after the blue “Bernie 2016” buttons, reading “Socialism SUCKS”

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