Where's My Poutine?

2017 September 19

Seen and heard about town today…

  • Tee shirts:

    • I run my world
    • I’m nobody. Who are YOU?
    • The future is FEMALE
  • A young woman who might have passed for a Hemingway grand-daughter, sitting at a sidewalk cafe. She drums the table and hollers “Where’s my poutine? Where’s MAH POOOTEEEEEN?”

  • A fellow about my age dove on a cigarette butt the way a seagull might dive on a french fry. He snatched it up, inspected it carefully, grumbled, and tossed it aside.

  • Overheard: “Euclid. Isn’t he the guy that said shit is flat and everything?”

  • On the sidewalk in front of the YMCA, this fabulous dabbing rainbow unicorn.


Tags: burlington