Matt Dunne for Governor

2016 June 15

Seen about town today…

  • A young lady walking toward me with a tee-shirt bearing big block letters: “MATH DUNCE”. I wonder what could motivate someone to wear such a shirt. As she gets a little closer, I see that it says “MATT DUNNE”. Now I feel like a dunce.

  • Passing Sigma Phi, I see a clear plastic tote—like one might use to organize one’s closet—and I see the silhouette of paddling feet. Baby ducks! The tote is filled with water and the ducklings are paddling in it. I walk up to the front of the house and ask “What’s up with the ducklings?” A student tells me he’s studying zoology and that he’s raising them as part of his summer project. I introduce myself. Their names are “Starboard” and (I think) “Wilbur”.

  • In front of the YMCA there are a couple dozen seagulls voraciously tearing apart a rotisserie chicken that someone left on the sidewalk. 4) A little further on, in a shop window, I see a sign “MATT DUNNE for GOVERNOR”.

  • A few blocks later, I see a little girl hanging on to a parking meter, swinging around in circles as her mother fishes something out of their car. I glance away for an instant. When I turn to look again, the little girl has moved twenty-five feet or so. Impossible! Am I going nuts? Then I realize what’s going on: identical twins, identically dressed—identical sandals, shorts, tee-shirts and caps.

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