Armada for Ron

2017-10-15 05:32:38 -0400  

For Ron:


With love,


I Almost Cried

2017-10-11 15:32:38 -0400  

This came in the mail today and I almost cried. Someone who works at Cranbrook House sent this to me. They tried once and it was returned, and they tracked me down and resent it. Finally after forwarding it found its way here.

Enclosed was a thank-you note and a photo of an etching I made in 1978, when I was a teenager at Cranbrook School. The note reads:

Dear Mr Cafiero - Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoy seeing your artwork that is displayed at Cranbrook House on a daily basis. I love to see writing in artwork and cloth fabric designs. The piece you created is simple, interesting and imaginative! I felt I'd be remiss in not taking a moment to thank you for sharing your talents. [name] Cranbrook House Employee.

I think the author of this letter deserves thanks from me! I will formulate an appropriate response.

Postage Meter

P.S. I didn’t even know there was anything of mine hanging in Cranbrook House!

A Murmuration of Joggers

2017-10-09 14:02:38 -0400  

Seen (and overheard) about town today…

  • A murmuration of joggers.

  • A homeless man with an enormous bag of cans and bottles. He was walking up College Street and the only way he could keep the bag from dragging on the sidewalk was to hold it with his arms fully extended, elbows locked, above his head.

  • A woman breaking up with her boyfriend over the telephone, at high volume, with a Bluetooth headset.

Gates of Heaven

2017-10-03 14:02:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

Gates of Heaven

Here’s the quote in context, from an interview quoted in The New Yorker:

"Bosch and Brueghel were ahead of their time. They were fighting against enormous odds to make statements that might be seen as sinful. Looking at their pictures, I see these brown and red tones that seem to evoke history and madness at the same time, and I want to commend them for taking this plunge into madness. I think every artist wants to make a picture that opens the gates to Heaven."


Beautiful Moon

2017-10-02 18:32:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

  • A fellow on UVM campus all decked out in lederhosen and a Tyrolian hat. I guess it must be October Oktober.

  • One of the biggest red-shouldered hawks I’ve ever seen, swooping over University Heights.

  • A Wednesday Addams doppelganger in Bailey-Howe Library.


  • Forgive me for getting sappy about such things, but this evening the rising moon over the Green Mountains was so beautiful, and the sunset behind the Adirondacks across the lake was so beautiful, I got choked up. Seriously. That beautiful.

Girls! Girls! Girls!

2017-09-20 13:32:38 -0400  

Some graffiti seen about town today…




Where's My Poutine?

2017-09-19 13:32:38 -0400  

Seen and heard about town today…

  • Tee shirts:
    • I run my world
    • I’m nobody. Who are YOU?
    • The future is FEMALE
  • A young woman who might have passed for a Hemingway grand-daughter, sitting at a sidewalk cafe. She drums the table and hollers “Where’s my poutine? Where’s MAH POOOTEEEEEN?”

  • A fellow about my age dove on a cigarette butt the way a seagull might dive on a french fry. He snatched it up, inspected it carefully, grumbled, and tossed it aside.

  • Overheard: “Euclid. Isn’t he the guy that said shit is flat and everything?”

  • On the sidewalk in front of the YMCA, this fabulous dabbing rainbow unicorn.


Champlain Valley Mini Maker Faire

2017-09-09 15:32:38 -0400  

Kid schedules permitting, I’m hoping to attend We will attend the Champlain Valley Mini Maker Faire at Shelburne Farms, either Saturday 23 September or on Sunday 24 September. See you there!

Event poster

No Venues

2017-09-09 15:32:38 -0400  

Seen and heard about town today…

  • Overheard at the Art Hop: “I don’t think they have any venues, just, like, places.”

  • A nest of bees in a rotted out railroad tie in front of the Maltex Building.

  • Best of show (IMHO): Two paintings leaning against the wall in Linda Jones’ studio—“Fungus Tree” and “Sticks”, both from 2010.

  • An unusually large number of cute babies (I’m such a sucker for babies).

  • About half a dozen or so folks wearing bona fide tin foil hats.

Art Hop

Alzheimers (?) and World's Best Dad

2017-09-06 15:32:38 -0400  

Seen about town today…

  • An elderly couple:

    Wife: We need to move the truck, but I don't know how we'll find a parking spot. Where will we find a parking spot? We have to move the truck or we'll get a ticket.
    Husband: Honey, we don't have a truck.
  • A young woman wearing a sweatshirt. There’s a picture of a golden trophy cup, with shining rays. In big bold letters, the caption: